AGRAR – BAG is a German located company that produce machinery and equipment for storage without any losses of agricultura products in bags.

Storage of dry or moist products in bags:

  • Grain
  • Oilseeds
  • Corn
  • Fertilizers
  • Pellets
  • Other

AGRAR – bagger Grainprofi is a bag filling machine with capacity up to 400 t. per hour

Required power supply – min. 80 hp

Variable tunnel system – 2, 4/2, 7 / 3,0 meters

зареждане с телескопичен товарач



Bunker size:

length – 3,90 m, width – 2,40 m, height – 2,50 m, volume – about 7 m3

Ways of filling:

  • telescopic / front loader trailer
  • option easy loader 120 truck directly unloaded in the bunker

Storage of dry or moist products

Storage options:

  • hard surface – asphalt, concrete, paving, etc .
  • meadows
  • stubbles

AGRAR-bag ex-bag  is a machine for fully automated extraction or overloading of stored production.


  • It is driven by a tractor by a cardan


  • Hydraulically removable axles


  • The bag remains completely empty

  • Productivity – 120 t per hour
  • Required power supply 80 hp
  • Max. height of loading 4,40 m
  • Fast and easy to use
  • No losses
  • No fraying and residues
  • Removal of the grain through a sweep auger
  • The empty bag is rolled without leaving any waste

AGRAR-bagger easy load 120

  • Compatible with all types of  Agrar bager Grainprofi machinery
  • No disassembly when other filling methods are used
  • No need for a telescopic or front loader when filling
  • Direct filling through the truck or trailer gate without the need for intermediate overload
  • No disassembly during transport
  • Ready to work for a short time

Grain and silage storage machines and bags

  • Machine made in Germany
  • High manufacturing quality due to high requirements
  • Constant quality control
  • Standardized attachment
  • Lighting for safe transport on the road
  • Very robust paint thanks to powder coating

High security

  • Frame, axle and hitch are designed for high loads
  • Ladder and viewing window for checking the filling level of the funnel
  • extra wide tires for a maximum contact surface during transport or when pressing

Hose system

  • easy transport of an additional film tube
  • Support frame
  • Hydraulically lowerable hose tray
  • Widening of the foil tray

Funnel filling

  • easy filling of the machine with transfer technology or with Use of the additional “Easy Load” screw directly via the Grain pusher
  • with standard funnel extensions, the Grainprofi can be filled with hollows up to a width of 3.5m

high performance

  • Due to the 40 cm press screw, an output of up to 400 t / h can be achieved
  • the press screw is made of 8mm thick Hardox steel
    therefore very little wear
  • Maintenance-free bearing at the end of the press screw – therefore no contamination of the grain with lubricants

simple one-man operation

  • The machine can be operated by one person
  • simple dosage of the pressing speed and pressing strength
    Grain slide and hand brake