Consultancy services

The Rural Development Program has the most varied diversity of activities that it finances, therefore allocating most funds.
Rural Development Program finances projects to improve competitiveness of the companies engaged in agriculture, forestry and in the food industry.
The program also finances projects for supporting the economy and the quality of life in the rural areas, helping the environmental protection.

During the Program in the period of 2014 – 2020  funding is provided for the following measures:

M01 – Transfer of knowledge and  notification actions;

M02 – Consulting Services, services for property management and property replacement servecies.

M04 – Investments in tangible assets

M06 – Farm and Business Development

M07 – Basic services and renovation of rural villages

M08 – Investments in the development of forest areas  and in the improvement of  the viability of the forests

M09 – Creation of producer groups and organizations

M10 – Agro ecology and Climate

M11 – Organic Farming

M12 –  “Natura 2000” and Water Framework Directive payments

M13 – Payments for areas facing natural or other specific constraints

M14 – Animal Welfare

M15 – Environmental services and services related to the climate in forestry and forest protection

M16 – Collaboration

M19 – Local development support under LEADER (Article 35 of Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013)

M20 – Technical Assistance

Team of Pleven Agro Consult LTD

Our services

Consultation of producing companies, farmers and other business entities in the preparation of investment and business projects when applying for grants under the Rural Development Program in EU and other sources of financing from international organizations.

Consulting in elaboration of projects for applying for a grant

Introducing the client to the possible measures to which he can apply and assistance in the choosing according to the needs of  the client , his ideas and his goals. Introducing the client to the regulations, requirements and obligations for his chosen measure for applying for financial aid.

Detailed discussion and specification of the client’s investment intentions, his goals, expected results and the possibilities for their realization according the requirements of the specific measure.

Preparation of business plan

Elaboration of financial analysis, pre – project research etc.

Preparation and elaboration of a comprehensive application package including consultation about the content and type of each of the documents required for the specific program;

Providing and completing all the necessary templates when submitting applications for Rural Development Program’s support.

Consulting the client on compliance with program requirements during project implementation, technical assistance in the process of project implementation, as well as preparation of all necessary reports to the implementing authority.

Providing consultancy support through the whole period of realization of the current project, including including  the reporting and preparation of the documents accompanying the payment requests.